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Asia Kakehashi Scholarship 2024 for Young Students


The Asia Kakehashi Scholarship 2024 is a prestigious opportunity for high school students from Asia and G7 member countries. Sponsored by the Japanese government and administered by AFS Japan, this four-month program is designed to foster cultural exchange. Participants will study in Japanese high schools, live with host families or in dormitories, and engage in a comprehensive experience that goes beyond academics. Covering all expenses, the scholarship encourages high-achieving and motivated students, aged 15 to 18, to apply for the upcoming session scheduled from August to December 2024.

Why I Choose Asia Kakehashi Scholarship?

  • Exciting Culture: The scholarship lets you dive into Japan’s cool culture, way beyond regular school stuff.
  • Full Experience: You’ll study in a Japanese high school and live with a host family or in a dorm, so you really get how life works there.
  • Being a Global Pro: The program helps you become a world-savvy person by focusing on connecting different cultures. It’s like building bridges between people.
  • No Money Worries: The scholarship covers everything – your flight, where you stay, school fees, and even health insurance. So, you can focus on the experience without stressing about money.
  • Making Connections: By choosing this scholarship, you’re part of making friendships and understanding between Japan and where you’re from. It’s like being a cultural ambassador!

Degree Level:

The Asia Kakehashi Scholarship is for high school students aged 15 to 18, not for a specific degree level. It offers a chance to study in Japan for four months, sponsored by the Japanese government and managed by AFS Japan.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The scholarship covers all expenses, including round-trip airfare, accommodation, school fees, and health insurance.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Participants have the opportunity to attend a Japanese high school, either living with a host family or in a dormitory, ensuring an immersive experience in daily Japanese life and cultural traditions.
  3. Language Enhancement: The program contributes to the enhancement of Japanese language skills, providing a valuable linguistic experience.
  4. Global Cultural Understanding: Participants engage in international camps alongside Japanese students, fostering a deeper understanding of global cultures and preparing them for leadership in cross-cultural environments.
  5. Managed by AFS Japan: The scholarship is managed by AFS Japan, which provides comprehensive support, including intercultural training and assistance in adapting to the new environment.
  6. Opportunity Period: The program spans four months, offering a significant period for participants to fully experience the Japanese high school environment.
  7. No Financial Burden: With all-inclusive benefits, the scholarship ensures a worry-free and enriching experience abroad for eligible students.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Age Range: Applicants must be between 15 and 18 years old.
  2. Academic Achievement: High-achieving and highly motivated students are encouraged to apply.
  3. Japanese Language Proficiency: Applicants should be learners of the Japanese language, indicating a basic proficiency or a willingness to learn.
  4. Willingness to Travel Abroad: Applicants must be ready and willing to travel abroad unaccompanied.
  5. Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of the eligible countries/regions at the time of application. The eligible countries span across Asia and include G7 member nations.

What Will You Experience?

  1. Japanese High School Attendance:
    • Immerse yourself in the local education system.
    • Attend classes in a Japanese high school.
  2. Accommodation Options:
    • Experience living with a host family or in a dormitory.
    • Gain insights into daily life in Japan.
  3. Cultural Traditions:
    • Participate in and embrace Japanese cultural traditions.
    • Engage in local customs and practices.
  4. International Camps:
    • Collaborate in international camps alongside Japanese students.
    • Foster cross-cultural friendships and understanding.
  5. Language Skills Enhancement:
    • Improve Japanese language proficiency.
    • Communicate effectively in a multicultural environment.
  6. Global Cultural Awareness:
    • Gain a broader understanding of global cultures.
    • Expand your perspective through cultural exchange.
  7. Leadership Preparation:
    • Develop skills for future leadership.
    • Navigate confidently in cross-cultural environments.

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Application Process:

The upcoming Asia Kakehashi Project session, from August to December 2024, offers participants a distinctive chance to engage in a Japanese high school environment. This period allows immersion in local culture and academic life.

For those interested in applying, it’s essential to review the unique application deadlines and details pertinent to their country, as these may differ. Starting the application preparation well in advance is crucial to meet all criteria and submit the application on time.