Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024
Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

Begin your educational journey at esteemed universities in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan through the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. Exciting news – applications are now open! This article provides a detailed overview of the 2024-2026 scholarship initiative, outlining its fully funded master’s program benefits, including coverage for tuition, accommodation, economy class airfare, and a monthly living stipend.

The WBGSP encourages applications from individuals in developing nations, specifically those with significant professional experience and a proven track record of contributing to their countries’ development. Administered by JJWBGSP, the scholarship supports master’s degree seekers in various development-related fields, spanning 26 Participating Programs across universities in the specified regions. Importantly, eligibility for the JJWBGSP Scholarship is contingent on admission to one of these programs. Successful candidates commit to returning to their home countries post-graduation, leveraging their acquired skills for further cultural and economic development.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution(s): World Bank and Japan Government
  • Study Locations: U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: [Link to available master’s opportunities]
  • Program Period: 2 years
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Window #1: From January 15 to February 29, 2024, at noon Washington time.
    • Window #2: From March 25 to May 24, 2024, at noon Washington time.

Scholarship Coverage:

  1. Air Travel Coverage: Economy class air travel:
    • Initiation of the study program.
    • Conclusion of the scholarship period.
    • Scholars receive a US $500 travel allowance for each trip.
  2. Educational Expenses:
    • Full tuition coverage for the entire graduate program.
    • Cost of basic medical insurance obtained through the university.
  3. Living Allowance: Monthly subsistence allowance during the scholarship period:
    • Covers living expenses, including accommodations, food, etc.
    • Allowance amount varies based on the host country.
  4. Duration Coverage: All JJ/WBGSP scholarships cover the duration of the graduate program or a maximum of two years, whichever is less.

What’s Not Covered by JJ/WBGSP Scholarship:

  • VISA Application Costs: Expenses related to the application process for VISA are not covered.
  • Family Support: The scholarship does not cover expenses for bringing or supporting a scholar’s family members.
  • Extra-curricular Courses or Training: Costs associated with participation in extra-curricular courses or training are not included in the scholarship.
  • Credit Requirement Non-compliant Courses: Courses that do not meet the minimum credits required to earn the graduate degree are not covered.
  • Language Training: Costs for language training not provided by the graduate program are not covered by the scholarship.
  • Additional Travel: Expenses related to additional travel during the course of the study program are not covered.
  • Research and Educational Materials: Costs related to research, supplementary educational materials, field trips, participation in workshops/seminars, or internships are not included in the scholarship coverage.
  • Educational Equipment: Expenses for educational equipment such as computers are not covered.
  • Resident Permit Fee: The fee for obtaining a resident permit is not covered by the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Required Languages: English
  2. Eligible Countries: All World Countries
  3. Dual Citizenship: Applicants should not hold dual citizenship of any developed country.
  4. Health Status: Applicants must be in good health.
  5. Educational Background: Hold a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree earned at least 3 years prior to the Application Deadline date.
  6. Professional Experience:
    • Have 3 years or more of recent development-related work experience after earning a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree.
    • Be employed in development-related work in a paid full-time position at the time of submitting the scholarship application. The only exception to this criterion is for developing country nationals from a country that will be on the updated list of Fragile and Conflict States provided to applicants in the Application Guidelines for each call for scholarships.
  7. Admission to Preferred University Program:
    • On or before the Scholarship Application Deadline date, be admitted unconditionally (except for funding) for the upcoming academic year to at least one of the JJ/WBGSP preferred university master’s programs.
    • Located outside of the applicant’s country of citizenship and country of residence listed at the time the call for scholarship applications open. The letter of admission must be uploaded before submitting your application.
  8. World Bank Affiliation: Not be an Executive Director, his/her alternate, and/or staff of any type of appointment of the World Bank Group or a close relative of the aforementioned by blood or adoption.

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How to Apply:

To access this scholarship, adhere to the subsequent steps:

  1. Begin by applying for admission to one or more of the  Partner Masters Degree Program(s). For guidance on submitting an admissions application to a partner program, direct your inquiries to the respective university.
  2. Establish an account on the scholarship website by following this link.


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