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Aberdeen Business School of Robert Gordon University, UK is  offering Merit Scholarships for Master’s Students in the field of  Business, Management and Accounting. Total 150 scholarships are available  is of £2000, £1500, or £1000. These scholarships are available  for outstanding students who wish to study at the business school from  September 2013 or January 2014.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are available in  the field of Business, Management and Accounting courses offered at Robert  Gordon University, UK. Course Level: Scholarships  are available for Masters Degree Programme. Scholarship  Provider: Robert Gordon University, UK. Scholarship  can be taken at: United Kingdom

Eligibility: International students and UK/EU students are  eligible to apply for scholarships.

– An International student paying fees at the overseas rate or -A  UK/EU student on a full cost course for which the course fee has been set in  excess of 6,000 GBP and -Applicants hold the offer of a place on one of  our courses

Scholarship Open for International Students:

International students can apply for this  scholarship. However they should hold an offer letter from the  university.

Number of award(s): Total 150 Scholarships are  available for UK/Eu and International students.

Duration of award(s): Not Known

What does it cover? Total offer is of £2000, £1500, or £1000 per award.

Selection criteria: All applications will be assessed  against the following criteria: -Previous academic record and your  suitability for postgraduate study in School, ie: -Class of degree / CGPA /  final score of first degree -Relevance of your first degree to the course  you are applying for -The standing of the previous academic institution  attended -Any prizes or awards given to you in your first degree -Relevant industrial or professional experience giving evidence of workplace  experience that is relevant to the course you are applying for; -Personal  achievements: evidence of personal achievements to date which indicate your  ability to contribute to the wider life of the University community during your  studies and the professional community that you will be joining on  graduation; -Evidence from the Personal Statement provided that you are  deserving of financial support on the grounds, for example, of personal academic  achievement in the face of adversity.

Notification:  -Applicants will be informed of the  Panel’s decision by email and will have 7 days from receipt in which to accept  any offer; -Failure to respond within the 7 day period will automatically  result in the offer being withdrawn.

How to Apply: Complete the Merit  Scholarships form should be sent via email or  post. Applicants must include with their scholarship  application the following documents: -A scanned copy of your final  transcript detailing your degree classification and/or CGPA; -A scanned copy  of your IELTS/TOEFL certificate or other English language qualification; -A  scanned copy of your University offer letter (or email if you have not received  your letter).

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline  is 26 July 2013 for September 2013 intake and Friday  6 December 2013 for January 2014 intake.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

What is the funding type for Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK
Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK is a scholarship.

Who is eligible for Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK?:
. If you are a you are eligible for Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK .

What degree level courses are available under this scholarship?:
This scholarship will fund following degree level:

What subjects are available under Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK :
Students are allowed to study : .

Which Universities are participating in Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK? :
is(are) participating in Merit Scholarships ,Master Degree Students ,Robert Gordon University ,UK.

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