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Kyoto University Marco Polo Voyage Scholarships 2024 Under MEXT Program


The Marco Polo Voyage Scholarships 2024, supported by Kyoto University’s MEXT program, are a special chance for students from Southeast Asia. They can pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. in biological sciences.

If you’re a passionate and adventurous student from Southeast Asia dreaming of a future in biosciences, the Marco Polo Voyage International Bio-Education Program at Kyoto University in Japan is calling your name. This prestigious Japanese scholarship, set up by the Graduate School of Biostudies (GSB) and backed by the Japanese Government through the MEXT program, is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Stipend: You’ll receive a monthly payment to help with your living expenses. It’s like getting regular financial support.
  2. Zero Tuition Fee: You won’t have to pay for your education. Normally, it costs JPY 535,000 per year, but this fee is not required for you.
  3. Housing Options: You might have the chance to stay in university dorms, but it depends on availability and your application.
  4. Visa and Travel: They will assist you in applying for a visa, and they’ll also provide a flight ticket for your journey from your home country to Japan.
  5. Support Network: You can count on help from people who speak English, and there will be student mentors to guide you.
  6. Health Insurance: You will be part of Japan’s national health insurance, which means you’ll have health coverage while you’re there.
  7. Cultural Integration: You’ll get opportunities to learn Japanese and be a part of the local culture. It’s a chance to experience a different way of life.

As a Marco Polo Scholar, you will also:

  • Study in English: Your classes and education will be in English, so language won’t be a barrier.
  • Do Important Research: You’ll work on important research projects with famous experts in your field.
  • Receive a Good Monthly Payment: You’ll get a monthly stipend of JPY 147,000, which is a nice amount of money.
  • Earn a Valuable Degree: When you finish your studies, you’ll have a Master’s or Ph.D. degree that is recognized all over the world. It’s a big achievement!

Application Process:

  1. Two Letters of Recommendation: You’ll need to ask two people who know you well in an academic or professional setting to write letters on your behalf. These letters should highlight your qualities, skills, and why you are a suitable candidate for the program.
  2. A Compelling Cover Letter: In your cover letter, you should explain why you are interested in this program and what you hope to achieve in your research and career. It’s a way for you to introduce yourself and share your goals and aspirations.
  3. A Detailed CV: Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is like a detailed resume. It should include information about your education, achievements, and work experience. This helps the selection committee understand your background and qualifications.
  4. Proof of Excellent English Language Proficiency: You will likely need to provide test scores from an English proficiency exam like TOEFL or IELTS. This is to show that you can understand and communicate effectively in English since the program is conducted in English.
  5. A Copy of Your Degree Certificate: This is a document that proves you have completed a previous degree, like a Bachelor’s or Master’s. It’s an essential proof of your educational background.
  6. Official Academic Transcripts and Graduation/Completion Certificates: Transcripts are records of your academic performance, including the courses you’ve taken and the grades you’ve received. Graduation or completion certificates show that you successfully finished your previous studies. These documents help assess your academic history.

These documents are important for your application.

How To Apply?

You can submit your application for the Marco Polo Voyage Scholarship 2024 directly on their department’s website, and there is no cost associated with submitting your application.

Application Deadline:

Submit these documents to the Kyoto University Admission Assistance Office by January 17, 2024.