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TAIST-Tokyo Tech Scholarships 2024


The TAIST-Tokyo Tech Master Scholarship 2024 is a program that provides scholarships for Master’s degrees in three specific fields: Automotive and Advanced Transportation Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, and Sustainable Energy and Resources Engineering. It’s a joint effort between Tokyo Tech and several Thai universities, emphasizing coursework in the initial year and research in the following year. The goal of the program is to offer a well-rounded educational experience and research prospects, ultimately resulting in degrees conferred by the host universities.

Why choose the TAIST-Tokyo Tech Master Scholarship?

Certainly, here are the key points explaining why one might consider the TAIST-Tokyo Tech Master Scholarship:

  1. Specialized Fields: The scholarship offers opportunities in three specialized fields: Automotive and Advanced Transportation Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, and Sustainable Energy and Resources Engineering.
  2. Collaborative Program: It’s a collaborative effort between Tokyo Tech and various Thai universities, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive educational experience.
  3. Financial Support: Successful applicants receive financial support, including a stipend, waived tuition fees, and assistance with living expenses.
  4. English Language: The program is conducted in English, making it accessible to international students.
  5. Academic Excellence: Beneficiaries can study under the guidance of world-renowned experts and earn globally recognized Master’s degrees.
  6. Work and Research Opportunities: The program combines coursework and research, allowing students to gain practical experience and conduct groundbreaking research.
  7. Cultural Exposure: Being in Japan offers a unique opportunity to immerse in Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: Applicants must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as Engineering or Science.
  2. Minimum GPA: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.00 or its equivalent is required to be eligible.
  3. Work Experience: Applicants should have a minimum of 2 years of work experience.
  4. Research Experience: Alternatively, candidates can qualify if they have substantial relevant research experience.
  5. Exceptional Academic Record: Exceptional academic achievements can also fulfill the eligibility criteria.

These criteria help ensure that applicants have the necessary educational background, work or research experience, or academic excellence to be considered for the scholarship.

English Language Proficiency:

  • English Language Proficiency: Applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
  • Accepted Tests: Proficiency can be shown through various accepted English language tests.
  • Minimum Scores: To meet the language proficiency requirements, applicants should attain minimum scores as specified by the scholarship program.
  • Specific Test Scores: The minimum scores for accepted tests include: TOEFL PBT 475, TOEFL iBT 53, TOEFL CBT 153, IELTS 4.5, TOEIC 550, TU-GET PBT 500, CU-TEP 60, KU-EPT 50, SIIT-EPT 65, TETET 4.5, and KMTL-TEP B1.
  • Academic Purposes: These language requirements are in place to ensure that applicants possess a sufficient level of English proficiency for academic purposes, as the program is conducted in English.

Application Process

To apply for the TAIST-Tokyo Tech Master Scholarship 2024, applicants must submit several documents including recent photographs, an official Bachelor’s transcript, a statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation.

How To Apply:

Then you need to submit an online application here for Tokyo Tech and TAIST collaborative scholarship.

Application Deadline:

Be sure to submit your application before the application deadline of January 16, 2024.