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UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship

pportunities for Postdoctoral Scholars in Global Education Policy and Research

UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship Overview

An entirely sponsored scholarship for international students is the UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship. Postdoctoral studies are eligible for these scholarships. For the term of the fellowship (up to 11 months), recipients of the Global Education Monitoring Report Fellowship will receive a stipend of up to US$19,500.

The GEM Report Fellowship programme, funded by OSI, aims to strengthen the body of research on education, particularly in developing nations, to increase the capacity for conducting educational research, and to strengthen the connections between education research, policy, and practise.

  • Level of Study: Postdoctoral
  • Institution: UNESCO

    UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship
    UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship
  • Study Locations: Paris, France (one month), Applicant’s Home Country (remaining duration)
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Education
  • Program Duration: 6 to 11 Months

 UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship Coverage

The Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM) Fellowship offers valuable benefits to successful recipients, including:

  1. Stipend: A stipend of up to US$19,500 for the entire fellowship period, which can extend up to 11 months.
  2. Travel Costs: Full travel expenses for at least one month to be spent in Paris for each fellow.
  3. Mentorship: Guidance and mentorship by the GEM Report researchers, with 3-5 hours per week while in Paris and 2 hours per week while in the fellow’s home country.
  4. Office Facilities: Access to a dedicated desk and computer during their stay at the GEM Report team office, located at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

 UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the UNESCO GEM Report Fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Language Requirement: Proficiency in one of the two UNESCO official languages (English and French) and the ability to draft content in English at a high standard.

2. Eligible Countries: Open to applicants from all countries around the world.

3. Background and Qualifications: Fellows will be selected from applicants affiliated with research institutions, government agencies, or professional organizations. Candidates should possess a doctoral degree, expertise in quantitative research methods, experience in national-level policy-making, and a record of publication in scientific journals.

4. Educational Background: An advanced degree in fields such as education, sociology, economics, political science, psychology, demography, statistics, psychometrics, or related areas.

5. Relevant Experience: Demonstrated experience in policy analysis within academic/research or national/international agencies, as well as experience in organizing research or policy projects.

6. Networking: An advantage is having contacts within the education policy community.

7. Knowledge and Skills: Familiarity with education systems in low, middle, or high-income countries and expertise in applying statistical techniques using software like Mplus, R, STATA, SPSS, or SAS is beneficial.

8. Research Proposal: Applicants must submit a research proposal addressing a significant policy topic related to the upcoming GEM Report, outlining how their work contributes to the field of education and policy-making. Emphasis should be on access, equity, inclusion, and quality in education systems.

9. Relevance to GEM Report: Proposals should explain their alignment with GEM Report priorities, policy questions, and monitoring issues highlighted in past or future GEM reports.

10. Data and Methods: The proposal should describe the data sources, key variables, and statistical procedures to be employed.

11. Resources: Applicants must provide a realistic timeline and rationale for conducting part of the research project in Paris.

Application process  for Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM) Fellowship

Follow these steps to apply for the GEM Fellowship:

  1. Applications must be submitted in English.
  2. Prepare the following information:
    • CV following the UNESCO CV template format.
    • A one-page document with a concise project title, a 150-word abstract, project duration, and budget.
    • A project proposal (maximum 5 pages or 2500 words) covering the research question, relevance to the GEM Report, proposed data, methodology, timeline, and required resources.
    • Provide three references to support your application.
  3. Submit your applications to [email protected].

Note: Applications will be assessed by the GEM Report team based on the outlined criteria, including quality, potential, originality, and the applicant’s qualifications. Shortlisted candidates may have the opportunity to discuss minor adjustments to their proposals. Unfortunately, feedback will not be provided for proposals that are not selected.

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